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ICON 01 GLD@3x

Fully Sealed Climate

Sungrown, sustainably-produced cannabis should never mean compromising on quality. Our facility’s unique design combines the full benefits of growing plants in direct,  natural sunlight while maintaining a fully sealed and climate-controlled environment just as with any other “state-of-the-art” indoor facility.

Our fully-insulated grow room walls allow for us to maintain whatever environment is most optimal for the plant – whether in the midst of a heat wave or a blizzard.

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ICON 02 GLD@3x

Powered by the Sun and Earth

Our UV-permissive roof glaze allows the full, natural spectrum of the sun through to bring out every unique characteristic and expression in each strain we grow.

Our geothermal loop leverages the natural constant temperature of the earth to provide us cooling and heating with the same mechanical precision and maintain the same environmental conditions as any boutique flower-producing indoor facility – at a fraction of the carbon footprint.

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Ask for ARUNA strains, available at a variety of retailers.

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