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About Our Brand


The Seven Horses pulling the chariot of Aruna, the charioteer for Surya, the Sun God. Seven Horses represent 'seven colors of the rainbow.'


The Sun symbolizes the power and beauty of the sunrise and the new beginnings it brings.


According to Sanskrit mythology, Aruna serves as the charioteer for Surya, the Sun God, and embodies the reddish hue of the sunrise.

What is ARUNA? What does it mean?

In Sanskrit, Aruna (अरुण ) is the charioteer of Surya, the Sun God. Aruna himself is the personification of the reddish glow of the rising sun that greets us each morning and welcomes a new day!

Why “Aruna”?

As a cultivator looking to set the new standard of quality, sustainable, sun grown cannabis. Nature can provide us with the very best and we are dedicated to the stewardship of our plants. We feel that the symbolism of Aruna perfectly exemplifies our company’s core belief in pulling the use of natural sunlight back  into growing cannabis while also emphasizing our roots as a Desi-owned minority business enterprise.

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Fully Sealed Climate

Sungrown, sustainably-produced cannabis should never mean compromising on quality. Our facility’s unique design combines the full benefits of growing plants in direct,  natural sunlight while maintaining a fully sealed and climate-controlled environment just as with any other “state-of-the-art” indoor facility.

Our fully-insulated grow room walls allow for us to maintain whatever environment is most optimal for the plant – whether in the midst of a heat wave or a blizzard.

About the Brand
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Powered by the Sun and Earth

Our UV-permissive roof glaze allows the full, natural spectrum of the sun through to bring out every unique characteristic and expression in each strain we grow.

Our geothermal loop leverages the natural constant temperature of the earth to provide us cooling and heating with the same mechanical precision and maintain the same environmental conditions as any boutique flower-producing indoor facility – at a fraction of the carbon footprint.

Our Process


We get that to many folks in the cannabis culture, the term “sungrown indoor” sounds like an oxymoron.

While many cultivators agree that indoor cannabis production at its heart is far from environmentally conscious, there still exists today a significant amount of debate regarding whether there is a compromise in quality when growing using greenhouse or outdoor methodologies here in New England where the natural environment doesn’t quite align with the ideal conditions for cultivating high quality cannabis flower.

This poses a significant challenge to anyone with a conscience who is looking to produce premium cannabis, sustainably grown – and not just put it as a by-line on their marketing literature.

Instead of sitting around a conference table debating the merits of sustainably-produced sungrown flower vs. high quality, premium indoor flower, at Aruna we decided to ACT – and bring you both!

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